A comedy music video of a cat waiting for her owner. The owner forgot feeding her in the morning and rushing home by bike in NYC. Watch the wonderful sweet little hungry cat! 

music: Bicycle Race by Queen


Director: Kaede Tatenuma

Actor: Kari Anderson, Lay (cat)
Camera: Kaede Tatenuma
Programme Advisor: Amy Finkel

. notes

Man notices a text massage

My initial creative process is drawing out all random ideas in my journal.


This is a page for this project. You can see the basic story structure and edit in the video from these doodles. 

Man drinking a cup of coffee

Cat drinking water 

The opening idea

Man notice subway is closed

Cat notices her owner comes back

Happy cat with foods

Shot ideas for biking scene

Hungry cat, waiting cat

. next 

. IT happy version


Kaede Tatenuma